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Solicitors In Bath and Frome

Helen Starkie focuses on providing top-notch personalized legal services that are very effective. After working for many private companies, Helen Starkie followed her dreams and built a considerable reputation as a lawyer of honor. She found out that many of the private companies she had worked with,focus on solving the problems of the firm that involves either monetary or internal issues. Larger legal firms rarely try to solve any kind of customer related concerns. Helen also works on the power of attorney and emphasizes on end to end personalized consultation, each and every client can reach Helen Starkie on a real-time basis 24*7 and 365 days.

It is always advisable to recruit a solicitor as soon as you are confronted with legal troubles there is a thin line between a lawyer and a solicitor,so if you want to get the best legal advice then you have arrived at the most appropriate place. Helen Starkie is a licensed solicitor based out of Bath post which she decided to open her own company.

She started practicing as a standalone solicitor in the year 2010. Lasting power of attorney helps mentally and physically disabled people; it is a law by which a licensed solicitor deals with all the legal issues of a disabled person.

The team contains Helen Starkie,Jo Wagstaff and Gina Lawrence; Helen Starkie is highly experienced and has improved her career during the first thirty years. Helen Starkie had worked for the private law firms and the experience she gained helped her to build her own team of qualified and skilled solicitors.

Her experience enhanced her career and she formed a team to help the people of Bath, Wills,and Frome. Helen Starkie was also selected for her excellent service as a member of the law society private client National Executive Committee.

Her reputation, experience,and extensive hard work worked and she got fruitful results when she was elected as a member of the Court of Protection Panel of Professional Deputies and she is also a member of Solicitors for the elderly.

Helen and her team ensure that all the assets of a deceased person are according to their will. The probated will becomes a legal rule which is accepted by everyone. The team contains Jo Wagstaff and Gina Lawrence as well. Jo Wagstaff is an experienced solicitor.She fights for justice no matter what the situations are.

Helen Starkie Solicitor
5 Gay St Bristol BA1 2PH England UK BA1 2PH
Phone: 01225 424460

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